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Learn to Play Piano
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Learn to Play Piano
Can I Learn To Play Piano

Can I Learn To Play Piano

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Can I learn to play piano

Well I say of course at anytime at any age being able to take part and engaging in learning anything is a noble thing and learning to play the piano is as close as you are going to get to being engaged joyfully.

What I am hope to convey is that like many musicians piano players who have given us joy, have led many of us adult beginners to emulate them and help us to seek out teachers whether online to learn the piano style techniques acquired over many years .

YouTube is one of the most widely used resource today to watch free lessons and listen to our favorite musicians on the piano I don’t know how many helpful inspiring passionate people have helped develop my love for piano learning. We need be alone but it is a necessary part of learning piano.

I remember when I was very young my parents attended in New Zealand Auckland Pitt street Methodist church and it had 8 pianos throughout the church and the church hall next door was several floors high. You can imagine this was before YouTube Facebook music apps but I was surrounded with piano players and organists.

The point being I was never short of accessing a piano and later a keyboard and if you can get access to one you can borrow one from a friend or see if you have friends you can visit and play theirs.

I spent hours every week wondering from one piano to the other in the early years hearing and kids my age playing chop sticks and getting to hear the different nuances that pianos produced. The uprights that some sounded out of tune and the many missing chip notes to the sneak grand pianos. What I didn’t know then though I thought I was learning notes and banging out sounds I was learning to play music.

It was helping me to develop touch on the weighted keys with muscle control, eye to hand co-ordination because you got look at you hands and music and it is good starting instrument as a basis to move onto other instruments lie saxophone guitar.

Piano As Beginner Is Fascinating

A piano beginner learns to listen to sounds and later identify notes which later becomes music. The thrill is you can own every note when you capture yourself playing a melody or song created from you own hands and you mind imagination. Like every children imagination creating and inspired by their worlds surrounding are just glimpse on why I find learn still to play the piano fascinates me.

Keep in my mind a piano has 88 strings with 88 keys so the sound is generated by these strings and is authentic the keyboards have neither of these.

So keep this in mind but a keyboard is a great place to start and each year the sample sounds of pianos are improving and the weighted key action.

How can I learn to play piano by myself?

With people living in apartments and not having the room to have an acoustic piano digital pianos are fantastic, cheaper easy to move around, their’s no need to tune it, practice alone with the use of headphones. The many advantages of having all sorts of on board software like home studio, learning videos and composition capabilities equipped to teach you piano.

Now how about getting a learning digital keyboard with keys that light up to learn songs with also play along backings that play the keys so you can watch and learn. There are many music companies like Yamaha as one of the many digital piano products that provide an academy where you can be self-taught at any time any age.

There are fantastic piano  online courses that provide you no rush no competition to win, no expectation to meet.

Sit down at the piano and familiarize you self with the white and black keys and play them with little fingering knowledge try hear high and low tones. After a while you can learn to distinguish these tones and imagine how each sound is different and before you realize it you are practicing.

Try humming and see if you can play what you hear on the keyboard as this great way to start to use you ears.You may have met a lot of people who cannot read play really well but use their ability to hum and work out the tunes with this method.

Being a beginner in piano does require you to explore all the sounds of the piano and having fun with exploring that requires sometime and suggest three times a week is a good start.becoming a good piano player will require just that.

Listen for mistakes especially pitch and tone variations this will enable you to focus on what you need to improve.Most of all take your time and spend the time remembering your joy is going to resonate with others who recall learning anything does take time and offer value to ourselves and those around us.


Can I Learn Piano? Of course you can and you can do it today.






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  1. A few months ago, I knew nothing about playing the piano.

    Then I read this: learn piano for beginners and now I play many popular songs perfectly by ear even though I had never learned an instrument before.

    It’s easier than you think to master the piano if you know these shortcuts.

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