Review Yamaha PSRE360 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

Review of Yamaha PSRE360 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard with Power Supply, Dark Walnut

Excellent keyboard for family wanting to invest in lighter piano and not go out to the expense of a weighted keyboard.

This has just come out on the NAMM Yamaha 2019 release-“Yamaha today debuted the PSR-E360 portable personal keyboard. Featuring top-quality Yamaha Voices of all types, interactive accompaniment Styles that let the player be a one-person band, and educational features to keep new players interested, the PSR-E360 comes in two attractive wood grain finishes that can be proudly displayed alongside any home décor.” read more here

Yamaha PSR-E363 synthesizer.

This is a novelty and besides a new design, the main difference from the Yamaha 353 model is the more powerful acoustic system, enhanced polyphony (48 voices), and the most important feature is a built-in audio interface.

So you can send not only MIDI notes but also an audio signal via computer to record your track. And also it has an updated sound library.

Unlike the Yamaha 263 model, this instrument is equipped with a touch- responsive keyboard. Let’s test this sensitivity using the piano sound. The electric piano sound. The organ. The acoustic guitar sound and accompaniment. The bass guitar sound and auto accompaniment.

This instrument has a keyboard splitting: now the bass is in my left hand and piano in the right hand. The synth sound and auto accompaniment. Let’s examine how the auto accompaniment function works

We’ve chosen the violin sound, turn on the keys and the auto accompaniment function has to be necessarily active. Let’s set the chord we need. And the harmony of the right-hand melody starts to play based on this chord.

The arpeggiator sounds

In general, you can apply each sound to each arpeggiator mode. Let’s try and listen to some variants. And so on.

So you can play this instrument in a duo mode, not a single sound, you can mix two different sounds.

Let’s activate the duo mode. You can choose several reverberation modes for each sound while playing this instrument. This function is inactive now. Let’s listen to how it sounds. Turn it on and listen to some variants. And so on. This instrument has magnificent songs, which you can use for learning.

And Yamaha placed notes of these compositions on their website. While listening to the track, you can see, which notes are being pressed on the keyboard that placed both on the display and on the staff. You can pause at any time or rewind the needed moment.

The rear panel has a sustain pedal jack, headphone and amplifier output, AUX-in, USB for computer connecting and power supply connector.

The power supply is included…