Top 20 Reasons Why Playing Piano is Great for Your Health and Mojo.

As we prepare for the beginning of an additional new year, a number of us make a list of our Brand-new Year’s resolutions. Doing this is so implanted in our society it is really thought about a custom. Adhering to them however is another story, Some do, several do not.

The most popular resolutions manage personal wellness (i.e. dropping weight, quitting smoking, consuming better, exercising extra, etc).

Others are self-improvement. Is it any type of wonder that many put down “finding out to play instrument” as one of their resolutions? As well as the majority of those are learning to play piano

All right, people, here you go:


My 20 reasons you ought to discover to play piano.

Right away!

As in today!

This very minute!

1. Everybody needs to play at least one tool. I really believe that. Everyone on Earth need to have the ability to sit at SOME instrument and can making stunning music.

2. Playing the piano makes you feel (as well as look) sophisticated. Genuinely. Despite who you are or the number of blemishes you have, you’ll simply exhibit class the second you begin pleasing those ivories.

3. Piano playing maintains your brain . It’s very tough for your mind to rot when you consistently reading and playing musical language to translate.

4. You will not run out of points to do when you’re bored. There’s constantly a new way to play, constantly a new strategy to playing, as well as always, always, ALWAYS a brand-new tune to discover. (See number 8.).

5. Family members can live vicariously through you. I’m semi-serious regarding that. The factor I started taking piano lessons (when I was 10) was due to grandparents who really did not play, and over the years I’ve had many family members appreciate playing via me. (I live to serve.).

6. Individuals will instantly think you’re a genius. Truthfully, I have actually heard this a lot. Individuals saying “He/she plays the piano” in the same tone reserved for “He/she has an IQ of 174.” You simply can not but admire somebody play a piano.

7. Piano having fun benefits your hands. Undoubtedly it is. I most likely have stronger hands/fingers than lots of people I understand. As well as have you ever discovered the hands of a pianist? Stunning, long, conical fingers. Possibilities are that if you’ve ever before appreciated a person’s hands, they play the piano.

8. Pianists never ever gave up understanding. There’s absolutely no other way to remember every musical item in the world. You could discover 10 brand-new tunes a day for the rest of your life without scraping the surface of tunes out there.

9. Piano playing is FUN. Actually. It is just one of the funnest points I do. Think about it, why would certainly many people do it if it weren’t a blast?

10. Deep down, every person wishes they played the piano. Have you ever reviewed other individuals’s New Year’s Resolutions checklists? If you have not, after that you’re simply not nosy like me. No, seriously, if you have not, I’ll tell you which want consistently appears: “Learn to play the piano.”.

11. Piano having fun is SATISFYING. It’s truly one of the most rewarding points you can do. (Right after touching your nose with your tongue. Or two I listen to.) There’s no feeling like play a challenging tune and also playing it perfectly. Quite an ego-boost.

12.Your Classroom Improvement– Those who take part in piano lessons have a tendency to be highly intelligent in the class. Research study done at McGill University in Montreal, Canada discovered that elementary school pupils that researched piano for 3 years racked up higher on test of basic and spatial cognitive areas than their peers. These abilities help well in the math location, consequently helping these students with their schoolwork.

13.Enhances Your Brain neural links– Neurons transfer as well as process info in the mind. According to a study executed at Northwestern College, playing piano includes in neural connections. Neural firings happen when music is being played, suggesting that playing instruments like the piano might hold the secret to higher brain feature.

14.Expands vocabulary– In a 2009 study published in the journal Psychology in Music, a thorough experiment found that trainees that had songs in their scholastic educational program had significantly bettered vocabulary and spoken sequencing than those that did not.

15.Reduces stress and anxiety– Playing piano permits you to avoid the anxieties of daily life and concentrate your mind on your method as well as the songs. One study disclosed that those that chose to play the key-board to unwind had a substantially greater turnaround of anxiety genes at the end of the study than those that chose other methods. It was ended that playing music such as the piano can become a rational anxiety decreasing treatment acknowledged by fitness and health experts.

16.Foster hand/eye synchronization– When playing the piano you typically have to read as you play. This trains your eyes and also hands to function closely together. You hand additionally create independent control. Each hand carries out completely various movements and needs to learn to collaborate stimulating multiple components of the brain. Hand/eye synchronization is a really valuable ability to get for it can improve your reaction time and performance. With this activity you can additionally strengthen neural pathways between the left and also right hemispheres of the mind.

17.Aids in language advancement– According to research study done by San Raffaele University in Milan, Spain, kids that discover songs prior to the age of 7 have much bigger vocabularies which assists not on-line in language development however in finding out international languages as well. It has been found that adults with music history such as piano training in their young people found out international language quicker and more successfully than those that really did not. The brain task that is acquired at young people with music continues to benefit through adulthood.

18.Increases human growth hormone– (slowing the effects of Aging)Playing piano can raise the production of HGH in a person; especially for older adults. Human  development hormonal agents are linked to reduction of the pains and pains study really feel that featured age. A research study done at the College of Miami located that the test group of people who took key-board lessons had dramatically greater levels of HGH than the control team that did not. Raised HGH manufacturing brings about reduced development of weakening of bones, increased energy levels, sexual function and muscle mass. Yes, there are plenty of factors. However, the advantages of discovering to play piano are significant. Yet did you ever believe that discovering piano can really be made use of to strengthen other resolutions?

19. Calm The mind-People who make music experience less anxiety, loneliness and depression.

20.Life Long Relationships and Building Family communities-For 200 years the piano player and the piano as been the stable round table of sing along s of families,entertainment venues and communities whereby the joy of music created strength and bonds that are never forgotten and life memories.

Jascha Heifetz was once asked about these very issues. His response:

“Practice like it means everything in the world to you. Perform like you don’t give a damn.”

As an example, playing piano is a “diversion” for if you intended to quit cigarette smoking, or quit some negative routine. It offers you something to do with your hands as well as assists take your mind off smoking!

It’s likewise a great tool for self-improvement as songs discovering builds a much better brain.

And for those that find themselves just a little lonely at times, playing piano is a long-lasting pal.

All set to make your new year’s resolution? Start discovering with learning here.

Have you ever taken songs lessons at some point in your life?

Some people may be pushed into music lessons, however a lot of begin because they wish to.

I believe that everyone would certainly enjoy to play a piano. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t love to walk over to the piano and be the life of the party?

Being a rock celebrity maybe?

Our birthright is Music.

We are all capable of discovering as well as grasping it.The trouble is that most of us don’t. So why is that?

We did not fall short the system – the system failed us.

The preferred approach of mentor music is to instantly present lots of theory, chords,ear training, making discovering far more harder than it needs to be.

That is why there is such a high failure rate for the majority of finding out to play.

Focusing on the notation of symbols as a primary step is difficult for most of us. As well as it is among the adding all the variables making practicing

excruciating as well as un-enjoyable.

Sheet songs is the universal language of music symbols an aesthetic analysis of what we call Music Theory.

It’s a system of dots, dashboards, circles, lines and also other hieroglyphics that is richly layered with centuries of historic evolution as well as definition.

Yet do we really require to understand all of this before we can ever play music?

The response is no.

So just how do you repair this?

Try Our Method Click Here

How to play piano for beginners

I appreciate you considering today how to play piano for beginners because I can assure you that your will benefit from not only the enjoyment but the prospect that your will develop a creative skill that your have deep within your.This journey will take time and if your have undertaken any new skill to learn anything your would have faced a number of challenges. But that needn’t be that way because learning the piano or keyboard can be really be fun and today I am going to hopefully present you new  ideas of achieving.

KEEP A OPEN MIND is one of the most important thing I wish you to keep in front of you when learning to play the piano. You will find a link below where your can get started to play and learn the piano today  in 30days.

IMAGINE by following our online piano lessons for beginners your will be on your way to play the piano and your can do it online and from the comfort of your home around your schedule.

How To Piano for beginners step by step

This 101 piano lesson will help your to teach yourself to play with tips ideal both for kids and adult learners where your will learn

Note names

Hand positions

Simple chords

Playing Melodies Step By Step


Its staying motivated with playing easy songs quickly not just any songs but popular songs your like.

My name is Frazer,I was raised in New Zealand in Auckland and when I was learning piano one of the most common features was the availability of sheet music. There was no internet and YouTube so there were dozens of music shops selling popular piano sheet musics for 25cents. So weekly I would be going down there to purchase the latest popular tunes I’d hear on the radio and marveled at how I enjoyed and my family too playing this music at home.

You too can experience the same SECRET SAUCE and many others having stayed motivated with learning popular piano songbooks.

How to Play piano for beginner book

You can start by considering this very popular workbook- How to Play a Keyboard:A Complete Guide for Absolute BeginnersA great beginners book for learning to play the piano with easy to follow illustrations easy instructions with easy chords and popular songs to follow.

Note it is suitable only if your are absolute beginner and have no piano knowledge otherwise this maybe too easy for your.

Also it does not cover how to play electronic keyboard but an excellent book for an absolute beginner piano student the notes maybe hard to see if your are vision impaired as well.

Nice, clear photos and diagrams, at a good pace you can work through the book there are very clear explanations about all the functions of your piano keyboard and how to incorporate the various rhythms and chords as your play.

This book covers fingering  really well which is a very important concept even with NO KNOWLEDGE of piano lessons this will help to simplify your learning with reading musical notes by playing short songs by using letters to help you get familiar with their easy illustrations.

How to play piano without a teacher

For every person it’s different but I can say it is possible. Certainly, your ‘d probably learn a lot quicker with an educator. And there are 2 points your can do: a) Do not try/ b) Try. What do your have possibly to lose? Initially it might be difficult for you (to play the piano with both hands at the very same time, for example), yet with persistence, inspiration and a lot of guidance this may occur.

Currently, I highly suggest you enjoy videos of other people play who taught themselves. And then, your need to search for videos/articles of these people who have taught themselves. It’s not difficult and also your can discover in a short quantity of time. As well as in YouTube there’s a terrific person named Andrew that uploads video clips free of charge training how to play the piano. You must view them! They’re extremely handy:

And also these are some great YouTube channels of individuals that instructed themselves/are learning to play the piano:

And these are some

Bottom line: It IS possible. You just have to work harder, practice and enjoy it. 🙂

Learn piano or keyboard and you may have a healthier lifestyle

You might in some cases seem like your high blood pressure and heart rate decrease after listening to music, and also it’s not simply in your head! Staff at the prestigious Berklee University of Music, which lies in Boston, say that paying attention to music by listening and watching does without a doubt lower heart rate, stress and anxiety levels, and also blood pressure. The result is multiplied by generating songs. Additionally, proof has revealed that producing songs might also boost the immune system, which subsequently minimizes your possibility of getting ill. Mastering an instrument likewise establishes hand-eye coordination. These benefits, combined with an overall even more favorable outlook on life, make musicians have a tendency to live an overall healthy way of life.

At any age, playing an instrument can be tremendously gratifying. There are numerous psychological advantages of practicing an instrument, varying from reducing stress and anxiety and anxiousness degrees to boosting focus. Practicing a musical instrument  also assists children carry out better in school. Discovering a tool can assist your quit drinking or making use of medicines, and it replaces those temptations with a positive outlet. Whether your’re looking to ditch bad routines,habits or develop remarkable new ones– at any age– it’s never too late to begin playing.



Almost everybody can connect to the sensation of joy that comes with paying attention to a preferred tune, no matter its music design. Yet going a step even more and actually generating songs by playing the piano has much more positive benefits. Studies have actually notoriously revealed that even unborn kids can benefit from listening to songs in the womb. Youngsters, teens, and even adults that get an instrument later on in life can also gain from learning to play something like a violin, guitar, piano, flute, or one more instrument. In children, playing an instrument can promote important life skills and create excellent routines. For young adults and adults, playing an instrument can break bad habits and change them with excellent ones.

Piano Lessons for Beginners Free Online


Piano Lessons for Beginners Free Online

Playing the piano without having a person to show you can be difficult. It resembles wagering your effort and time based upon your own understanding as well as understanding. To discover the piano online can have its ups and also downs. So choose if you’re really approximately the test of playing without the thought of surrendering.learn piano in 30 days

Whenever you most likely to a web page that uses a lot of guarantees with their on the internet lessons, they do not tell you the downs of learning it without having somebody who might tell you if you’re doing it the proper way.

In this short article, the benefits and also negative aspects of playing a piano is gone over.


=>1. Free course on YouTube: NO COST PIANO LESSONS

This is a series of lessons that teach you how to play piano for yourself RIGHT from the VERY beginner all t stage of the piano.

=>2. PianoForAll Click Here!


Rated: 4.6 by 16,000+ students
+ 138,203 students enrolled
+ Total time: 10 hours on-demand video

=>3. LearnPianoIn30Days

LearnPianoIn30Days is a 30-day online piano lessons program instructed by singer and songwriter, Rachel James, who has got many years of piano playing on the scene, club around the world. She wants to share her experience as well as her piano playing skills for anyone who has the passion of piano.


Rated: 4.5* by 9600+ students
+ Online learning method: monthly membership site.
+ Free trial in 14 days
+ Refund policy: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
For more details, pls click here:


  1. Adult All-In-1 Course: Level 1

2) Alfred’s Basic Piano Course for Adults


3) Piano Scales, Lessons with Elements of Basic Music Theory

4) Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Piano Course Book 1


5) John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano

6) John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

7) Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Course

8) Primer Level – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures


9) Level 1 – Lesson Book: Piano Adventures

10) KP1B – Bastien Piano for Adults, 1 Book Only: A Beginning Course

11) Piano and Keyboard All-in-One for Dummies

12) Suzuki Piano School New International Edition Piano Book and CD, Volume 1

13) Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Finding out to Play the Piano Online: Pros and Cons

Benefitspiano girl

– The Web is swamped with millions of searches about free  piano lessons for begginers online. There are those for newbies desiring learn to play piano online in allages.

– This is totally free what we are offering click on the link below. Not unless if you become tempted with the offline CDs and also visuals now days you can get the same result online.

In this new world of internet learning, you can take lessons from some of the best, most talented piano teachers on the planet, no matter where you live.Make sure the online piano lessons you choose fit with your personal piano learning goals.

Buy a Piano is also good place to start recommend here

-piano lessons for beginners free online abounds on you tube.You need google and  every week extra updates of new video content,tutorials guides and manuals that were often gotten offline are now replaced online.

– Those that are online teachers are independent artists,students ,university graduates or just laymen that want to share their expertise, truths, ideals as well as keys to find out piano the simplest way feasible.

Online lessons allow you you to move at your own pace and keep learning all week long. If you don’t understand something, you can watch the lesson as many times as you want – your teacher won’t mind! If you master a lesson quickly, there’s another lesson ready to be watched. You can also compare your own playing to the lesson video any time, and correct any mistakes yourself.

– they are passionate and are filled with so much information learning videos and also piano lesson beginners approaches for adults you can pick from. Wide variety of online piano teachers to select from and immediately you can commence a checklist of them by searching google.

–  if you wish to play jazz, rock, funk, traditional, blues and also many more you need see now in 2019 the expance of great teachers online.Allot not only teach piano but keyboards such as Hammond Organ and more.

Private piano lessons cost a lot of money. Lessons from a reasonably qualified teacher tend to be between $100 and $200 per month. Some online lessons will cost about the same if your teacher is video conferencing with you. This is because you’re still paying for individual attention. On the other hand, if your teacher records the lessons the cost can be much less, because one lesson can be used to teach as many students as want to watch it. Video lessons allow students to access incredible online learning at a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons, sometimes even for free!


– Every rhythm and pattern is instructed here thoroughly to aid the students understand each line. A lot of on the internet lessons allow you check out the lessons free for a trial so google and select what suits you

– Other than the advanced lessons, there are likewise at least a hundred thousand of beginner piano strategies for free on youtube.  The net allows online collections loaded with sources that are readily offered to those that require it. Furthermore, if you’re kind of sluggish, chords, grooves as well as ranges can be recapped with the aid of their glossary.

– It uses large range of piano lesson beginner YouTube videos is huge.I would spend time searching teachers and styles so that you can determine which of the preferred styles you would like to learn.

Every method of playing the piano has its own merits and drawbacks. You cannot learn to play the it in a single day because learning is a process that involves constant effort and practice, but is not hard. Online adult piano lessons cover almost every method to learn to play the piano.

If you can practice 30 minutes a day, or at least 2-3 hours a week, you should be able to learn the 3 songs in less than a year. The thing is how long it takes to learn to play popular songs on piano as an adult isn’t really quantifiable. It really boils down to how much you want to play it, and how fast you learn.


– Absolutely nothing compares with the actual thing. Playing online is like a drab form of learning. It doesn’t sustain pure fulfillment.

– Inquiries can not be answered at a timely. There are uncertainties that would fill your mind from time to time. And to send some inquiries via the net would require waiting and also this will take days.

If you’re lucky enough to have a top-quality piano teacher in your neighborhood, that’s wonderful! Unfortunately, many people don’t. That used to mean that you were stuck. The quality of your music education depended on whether or not there was a good teacher in your area.

You can learn so many different skills on the internet. No matter what you want to learn, cooking, drawing, woodworking, ballroom dance, knitting, even playing the piano, you can find an online tutorial for it.


No Cost Piano Lessons
Free Piano membership

Example Lesson 1 FREE

learn how to play the white piano notes


You may recall that enjoying to play or learn anything does take time and how long does it take to learn piano?

Well, that’s akin to when you remember when your children first walked talked and express Mommy Daddy it is like a language.

Traditional lessons can be complicated and you could quit but hopefully, we can help you consider these benefits of learning the piano. Honestly, before I started lessons I was learning by ear and even though they were church hymns they were enough to introduce me to notes on a ledger and staff bass and treble.

If you have parents who are supporting you please hang on it may not be hip but you will so much not regret it. I have a link of an online program called play sessions I recommend, check out my review here or click here or the link below. Hang on but if you have no time and wanna be the Hip click below.

Piano Keyboard The Layout of The Keyboard

What do you see when you are looking at the piano keyboard are you confused?

Can be just a lot of notes at first but that’s why I feel we got to look at the layout of the piano first.

What if I was to tell that the notes on the piano are not that many and I am going to assume you know the western alphabet.

These notes repeat over and over some being higher and some beings lower.

Take look at this keyboard you what colors do you notice?

Black and White keys right?

You can also see a pattern with the Black Keys. What Is It?

A: two black keys followed by three black keys and repeats. Goes on and on depending on what the length of your keyboard but usually the piano has 88 keys.

It is Easy To now Label you notes once you can follow this pattern TWO BLACK KEYS FOLLOWED BY THREE BLACK KEYS SO AND SO ON.

White KEY

The name and start of our alphabet are ABCDEFG and then it repeats over and over from the bottom to the highest pitch on the piano.

Congratulations you now know all the white notes on the piano.The FACT there are 7 alphabet notes in the piano alphabet.


If you can see C then you can see that it is positioned immediately left of a group of Two BLACK NOTES.

So every Key to the Left of TWO Black Notes Is C.


Find C.

The notes up from C are CDEFGABC

There’s no H just repeats, right?


SO you have learned all the notes on the piano.

You know the musical alphabet has 7 letters ABCDEFG and then repeats.

You know how to find C!

And you know all the white notes with allot of practice.

Below is some fun with an instruction how to play 4 chords but you will learn to allot.

Skip to the Next Lesson to learn The Black Notes.

Hey Piano Players Discover 5 Ways To Stay Motivated!


Body Position for Piano Playing

How to use correct posture and Body Position for Piano Playing


My teacher as helped the importance of body and hand position so I can avoid injury one day.She would observe how I sat on the stool and adjust accordingly with my arms and chest in a open position .This was in preparation for her strong ideas on how to move to a note,strike it and bounce away from one note to the next.

This set the foundation for me practice and eventually move with blinding speed in the middle of something complex.You be amazed with the tone quality is affected by your weight of your arm added to a note and the ergonomic quality of your posture .One teacher in jazz reminded me of the intracies of the fingers and how our wrists and arms ,shoulders elbows are like pulleys and levers with sustain injury if no attention is paid to your body and body position for piano playing.

Right Finger Shape

Try relaxing both hands on your thighs and slide them over your knee did you notice your fingers gently are naturally curved.

Your head should be in line with your shoulder

My teacher hass helped me realise the importance of correct body and hand position so I can avoid injury one day.

She would observe how I sat on the stool and adjust accordingly with my arms and chest in an open position.

This was in preparation for her strong ideas on how to move to a note, strike it and bounce away from one note to the next.

This set the foundation for me practice and eventually move with blinding speed in the middle of something complex.

You be amazed with the tone quality that is affected by the weight of your arm added to a note and the ergonomic quality of your posture.

One teacher in jazz reminded me of the intricacies of the fingers and how our wrists and arms,shoulders elbows are like pulleys and levers with sustain injury if no attention is paid to your body and body position for piano playing.

Right Finger Shape

Try relaxing both hands on your thighs and slide them over your knee did you notice your fingers gently are naturally curved.

Your head should be in line with your shoulder and hips.

Keep this position and slowly raised them to the piano and sit both hands on the piano or keyboard.

That was easy but essential that you practice this.

A note about the thumb sitting at the edge of the piano near the tip on the side edge straight but not loose.

Kids Use A Foot Rest As Well As a Comfortable Piano Stool.

This essential for all the obvious reasons but kids will be more comfortable and better posture will be achieved with their feel firmly on something rather than dangling.

I know in my experience my Dad had a pile of books as a foot rest it worked just the same.

Feel Your Arm Fall On Each Note

Practice feeling the natural weight of your arms by pushing the piano bench back from the piano and then as you feel the weight of your arms drop to your lap.

Measure the weight and how it feels as you draw back to the piano and see if you can feel the weight of your arm behind each note. Its essential you practice this because later you can appreciate the tone quality and speed delivery of your playing. The elbow and the wrist should line up in a mostly straight line.

Comfortable relaxed efficient posture is the key and the starts with curved fingers.






Hi I’m Tony Newton and we are going to talk about the piano now the forte-piano is one of the greatest tools in instruments that the human being if you want to call them that can use to experience a great amount of exultation and artistic and resource.

So let’s burrow right into it and here we go.

Hi I’m Tony Newton and on behalf of Expert Village and we are going to coming dallying the piano and this addressed with compensate organization and mitt stance okay now “theres going”.

You want to make sure that you can sit at the forte-piano and slouch over but you don’t want to be to close so that you can’t move and you don’t want to be to far back.

Now mostly you want to try and sit with your backbone erect because it would make it easier for expressing and playing and using your entire torso to/ for face.

Now exactly to demonstrate you what I want as like I’m just going to play a simple chord and you will see my position.

So that channel you can get up and down on the keyboard you can move and you have excellent motion to get anywhere and use it for expression ..

As found on Youtube

Online Piano Software Review | Playground Sessions

Online Piano software review with Playground Sessions

Online Piano Software Review | Playground Sessions|This is probably the fastest online piano software that will get you sitting on the piano and playing on your own.

Access to the #1 rated Piano Learning Software by Quincy Jones

Quincy Delight Jones Jr. (born March 14, 1933), also known as “Q“, is an American musician and record producer.[2] His career spans six decades in the entertainment industry, a record 79 Grammy Award nominations,[3] and 27 Grammy,[3] including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991.

This is one of my favorite software for piano learning as it provides a total package when it comes to learning with an enormous selection of play along songs and gentle mentoring ship to help all ages to joyfully enjoy learning at skill level and your pace.

Play Songs You Know and Love
Play to Learn Music Theory
Play with inspiring teacher
Play with interactive piano video lessons
Play with real-time feedback & scores
Play with progress visualizations
Play Like a game
Play with friends:Record and share your performance

The video below are students enjoying the video lessons with an interactive dashboard playing their favorite tracks and there are abundant YouTube videos of fellow students playing follow along training.A digital keyboard or piano is all that is required.

Review playground

Here are Playground students who posted videos.

Students featured in this video are as follows (in order):
– Pradeep Murali – My Heart Will Go On
– J Cory Kraftchick – Girl Crush
– John Sandlin – Daydream Believer
– Diego De Miguel Pena – River Flows In You
– Austin Ferreira – River Flows In You
– Maureen Pankhurst Sullivan – Fix You
– Toivo Kuparinen – Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

There is room for all levels of which they provide follow me songs for you to play along with.

Browse song lessons by Difficulty Level:

Hey Piano Players|WE discovered 5 easy ways to stay motivated on the Piano. Click Here

What’s New at Playground Session

Staying up to date they have A new channel, with new content posted weekly! Track what’s new with
Playground Sessions — both in and out of YouTube — and in this playlist.

Whats new at PlaygroundsessionThe amazing weekly update has tunes from 12 bar Blues, ALL THE STARS (Black Panther)EVERY BREATH I TAKE (Police), 24K MAGIC (Bruno Mars),Justin Beiber, John Legend, Adele,,Cold Play and many more.

Play With Inspiring Teacher

Since his rendition of “Apologize” on the piano, David Sides’ talent has earned him over 185 million views on YouTube. As a YouTube sensation, David has been invited to play all over the world. David’s genius is in his unique arrangements and his fun and engaging teaching style.

At the early age of 10 years old, David Sides discovered his passion for music and playing the piano. Since sharing his first piano cover on YouTube, his channel has received over 176 million views and some of his most popular covers like “Apologize” by OneRepublic and “Halo” by Beyoncé, have each had several million views. His most recent cover of “All Of Me” by John Legend quickly became a hit on YouTube, reaching over 100,000 views in just a few weeks.

Now this highly talented and inspiring musician is a piano instructor with Playground Sessions. Through interactive video tutorials from our piano-learning software, David Sides will teach you how to play the piano like a pro. Sign up today to start learning piano from the comfort of your own home, with David to guide and inspire you.

Can You Use A Regular Piano

Yes you can.

The program is for All skill levels and you can use a digital or regular piano with a variety of songs sorted by skill level.

If you only have a regular piano you would need to download a lesson to your computer laptop or iPad and just follow the song along. So you will need an internet connection and be online to download a lesson.

If you have a digital piano you can make use of the dashboard and interactive software. Visit official site and FAQ section.

So you will need internet connection, midi or cables from your laptop, computer,iPad to your keyboard.

David Sides will guide you through the set-up of Playground, the Song Library, Bootcamp, Progress, Follow-Along, Practice and Performance sections.


Playing On Your Own

This is probably the fastest online piano software that will get you sitting on the piano and playing on your own. There is no doubt there are many programs out there and free YouTube lessons but you need to have the basics in Piano chords and Scales down if you go teach yourself and will need my Free Ebook.

Youtube Piano for Beginners

youtube piano for beginners
YouTube Piano for Beginners

I am sitting here in the evening on the Gold Coast Australia reflecting on how wonderful You Tube has been in helping me learn to play piano. You Tube piano for beginners was not around when I started learning neither was social media but has it not open opportunities for anyone to learn a musical instrument free?

Do a search on google piano for beginners wow 8k per monthly searchers and 102k results as at July 2018. A very popular with a lot of questions like Why I like piano?Can I play and learn piano by myself or can I learn to play piano on an electric keyboard.

As much as you can get instant access can you really learn piano on YouTube?

As much as it appears its only one way learning and there is no feedback from someone who can point out where you can improve? You can pick up some useful things when you watch YouTube but it can be harmful as well as you would not know the difference from what you are applying is correct or not.

I have known this when many a time I have watched YouTube and have picked up a few tips chops and chords. When I have gone to play it live it was embarrassing .I didn’t execute the performance as well as I could of and having misunderstood things and unknowingly made mistakes it was kindly pointed out my some very kind mentors.

Get A Teacherget a teacher

Having a teacher can help you realize that many piano lesson beginner concepts need to be reinforced a lot of times and that’s when having a good teacher can identify immediately what concepts need to be reinforced like for example fingering, hand and sitting posture. Technique on how to use your fingers and coordinating hand position instead of playing hinged or your shoulders inappropriately poised over the piano. These observations cannot be understood from a video so yes by all means learn and watch all you can on YouTube but access mentors, forum,peers who can contribute towards observing you play in order to give you instant feedback.

A great teacher or mentor can tailor make specific issues and reinforce you’re learning change adapt and re-organize your lessons to match your strengths and weaknesses help you to read music.

I have understood more quickly when in front of my teacher I have played by reinforced concepts. When I play live and if you make mistakes in front of an audience you are going to remember that really well and work hard not to do it again.

So now enters YouTube with all its wonderful advantages of instant teaching skills and lot of channels dedicated freely to develop your skills in learning piano.But on the horizon rises another technology that will reinforce your learning quickly and that is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Piano Beginners with Echo 

The new thing is Artificial Intelligence with devices like Echo

This technology is rapidly entering our homes and whilst developing command based responses to questions its  conceivable that in time artificial intelligence devices will help us learn music and observe and direct improvements in our piano learning.

With its adaptability to learn skills it will provide another access for its operations to help a beginners.Already now this basic list of skills as of July 2018 is breath taking.

Standby for awesome transformation in piano lesson beginner for all ages as more skill demands are inputted.

  • Echo connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, set music alarms and timers, ask questions, control smart home devices, and more—instantly.
  • Just ask for a song, artist, or genre from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. With multi-room music, you can play music on compatible Echo devices in different rooms. Echo can also play Audible audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, and more.
  • Call or message almost anyone hands-free with your Echo device. Also, instantly connect to other Echo devices in your home using just your voice.
  • New speaker, now with Dolby processing for crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. Echo can fill the room with 360° omnidirectional audio.
  • With seven microphones, beamforming technology, and noise cancellation, Echo hears you from any direction—even while music is playing
  • Just ask Alexa to check your calendar, weather, traffic, and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control your compatible smart lights, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills. Just ask Alexa to control your TV, request an Uber, order a pizza, and more.




But before you get into the YouTube piano for beginners I recommend you download by free Piano Scales and Learn Piano Chords E book below.

These are the fundamentals of Piano Lessons.

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5 Benefits why music makes us feel so powerful.

5 Benefits why piano and music makes  us feel so powerful.


In 2014, scientists ogled closer than ever before at why music represents
us feel so potent. And they found some amazing and extraordinary
Study been demonstrated that music can influence our personalities and
behaviours. It can help us choose our sex collaborators. And it can be
used to cure certain ailments. The deeper researchers dig, the more we
realize how strong of a violence it genuinely is.
And these acquires could not have come at a more perfect moment in
time: School structures continue to slash art and music budgets around
the country and the campaign over how much we pay for music is
fundamentally a question of how much we appraise music. In this crucial
year, scientists delivered infallible reminders of what any music
devotee already knew: Music is more than exactly presentation.
Here are 12 amazing things we detected about music this year:

1. Discovering an instrument at a young age can provide improved manager function.


Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital found that early musical education helps
juveniles improve their administration runs. Executive performs are
incredibly important; they enable people to retain information, govern
behavior and solve problems more effectively.
Children that started playing music at age 6 evidenced enhanced
activating in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that owns
manager operates. And they performed far more than controller radicals
on measures requiring them to transformation between mental demands.
Executive operating is also a strong predictor of academic achievement,
even more than IQ, alleged consider senior examiner Nadine Gaab. Our
procures suggest that musical learn may actually help to set up children
for a better academic future.



2. Rhythmic ability has been linked to usage learning.

One of the first sciences that children need to acquire when reading to
read and speak is how to pick up on the lilt of speech. They gain this
ability to detect pattern and define boundaries between words and
syllables long before they can actually speak. So having a good sense of
rhythm is very important to learning speech. This time, we detected
just how important it really is.
Developmental psychologists at Northwestern University found that
testing children for this rhythmic ability is a good way to detect
potential language-based disabilities that may hit infants later in
life. Those that can hold an even drum lash tally also higher on early
communication exams. The study’s authors suggest that parents and
lecturers use rhythmic experiments to try to identify and address any
possible linguistic deficiencies while children’s brains are still young
and malleable.

3. Music training can help close the achievement gap.


Nina Kraus, a Northwestern researcher also involved with the previous
analyse, noticed … … that music can be vital in helping academies
close the achievement breach — the massive difference in academic
rendition between students from different socioeconomic backgrounds.
Kraus studied the neural work of minors beginning their music education
while working with the Harmony Project, a nonprofit after-school
platform that educates music to children in low-income communities in
Los Angeles.

Using EEGs, Kraus found that brainwaves of
disadvantaged children were noisier, weaker and more variable in its
answer to oral stimulation than children around more privileged
But after 2 years of musical course, she detected something very
different. She found that students with musical schooling had gotten
much better at constituting clear neural responses to consonants and

This faster treating power is very likely to have massive
advantages for these children’s communication acquisition and
concentration. Music might be one of most effective ways to help open
children from disadvantaged backgrounds the cognitive tools they are
required escape privation.

4. It can combat ADHD.


Three scientists from the University of Graz uncovered a startling pattern in
a recent longitudinal learn probing what musical learning does to a
brain’s plasticity. It is about to change that minors who memorize music
boasted vastly thicker grey matter in brain areas links between
scrutiny and concentration. The girls too supported enhanced right-left
hemispheric synchronization, which led to high-pitched scores on
attentional, linguistic and literacy experiments.
In short, musical instruct structures the same mentality organizations
that are markedly deficient in neural checks of children suffered by
ADHD. The scientists hypothesized that early music prepare can be major
benefit to helping children increase the negative impacts associated
with ADHD.

5. It can provide benefits to long-term storage.


Music’s benefits to working memory and spatio temporal modules have been
established with years of research. But proof that music advantages
long-term reminiscence had eluded investigates. Until this year.
Heekyeong Park, from the University of Texas at Arlington, has
spot check the first initial proof that musical prepare affords interests
for some aspects of long-term recognition. Park presented a group of
classically trained musicians and a group of non-musicians with a
remembrance experiment. She found that civilized musicians could far
better recall scenes, even though they knew no helps for oral cues. She
attributes the findings and conclusions to the years musicians have
expended swarm over musical scores, but she does not have enough data to
say conclusively. She’s currently planning to repeat such studies with
more musicians to demonstrate her findings.



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