REVIEW Yamaha DGX-660 Bundle Keyboard



I grew up always playing an acoustic piano at home but knew that I needed something a little lighter (!) and more portable for when I moved out. This keyboard has been perfect. Overall the sound is excellent for a digital piano and the keyboard feels very good quality. The keys are really well weighted – which is one of the things I was looking for most – and it is a real pleasure to play.

It’s an amazing keyboard. The action of the keys, which are adjustable from soft to medium to hard, is great and mimics quite well the feel of an acoustic piano. The sounds are great, too. I’m using this as a composing keyboard, so I wish that the unit had more available recording memories (there are five) than it does. I tend to sit down and play, recording what I’m playing, and then go to my composing software to transcribe. More free memory would help. The keyboard is heavy, so I don’t imagine it is super portable. The stand is nothing to write home about. It does what it’s supposed to do. Some cord hiding would have been nice.
The one slight downside is that the sustain pedal that comes with the keyboard isn’t really up to par. I bought this one as a replacement and have been very impressed. In my opinion it is well worth the extra money to upgrade. Although I’ve played for many years, I would definitely recommend the Yamaha as a good piano keyboard for beginners. Nice and simple!

If you’re still not sure, there are tons of reviews of this keyboard and others on Amazon, so definitely check them out before you buy!

What’s New Inside The YamahaDGX-660

Yamaha DGX 660 has included some brand-new attributes that have the piano area wondering about if they need to abandon their old pianos as well as possibly present our review What’s New Inside The Yamaha DGX-660 Bundle Keyboard.

Below are a few of the key attributes that increase the piano playing experience on the Yamaha DGX- 660:

Suitable wireless adaptor

Committed microphone jack

Piano Space attribute

12 new voices

6 brand-new reverbs

10 more present styles

15 additional music in the database

Viewing as how there are so many excellent attributes for intermediate for specialist players to capitalize, it’s hard to believe that Yamaha has actually just currently incorporated a cordless adaptor and microphone jack. Nonetheless, we’re appreciative that they did because currently we can take this piano to performances.

To be sincere, this isn’t one of the most fantastic brand-new attribute. As a matter of fact, it’s something that I would certainly’ve anticipated from the start based upon the cost, yet much better late than never ever.

As if there weren’t enough voices, styles, as well as reverbs to eat my time, Yamaha has actually provided us even more to have fun with. There are new voices called “Natural!”, “Live!”, “Dessert!” and also “Cool!”.

Voices like the “Live! Pop Grand Piano” add a little extra compound to the experience, while the “Pleasant! Tone, Alto, or Soprano Sax” can improve an amazing jazz performance. There are countless possibilities with these voices, and also must really make playing on the 660 much more fun.

The Piano Room function is most likely among one of the most talked about feature on this piano. The DGX-660 produces a virtual setting where you can choose from a variety of piano and acoustic options to develop your extremely own efficiency environment. Whether you wish to create a technique room or set the phase, you can adjust the position of the piano through the online piano lid to being in your favored area.


If you’re mosting likely to buy a digital piano for the purposes of carrying out advanced items, the Yamaha DGX-660 is absolutely worth thinking about. It’s costly, yet I think every cent is being used.