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The 5 elements of a perfect piano lesson beginner practice

The 5 elements of a perfect piano lesson beginner practice

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Practice is an important skill for every piano lesson beginner to learn. Practice gives you the chance to experiment with music such as phrasing tone colors and the dynamics full stop new sentence.

I recommend for beginners practice at least 30 minutes today 5 days a week if possible.

This video gives you 5 techniques to have a perfect piano lesson beginner practice.

Always warm up prepare the body for playing.

Do some basic stretching such as stretching your arms up as high as you can and bringing them back down.

Flex your fingers and rotate the wrist and shoulders.

Gather and prepare all your materials such as music pencils notebook et paper.

Technique is a physical action it is necessary to be part of the practice routine. Warm up your fingers and start with some simple exercises in your lesson book like scales and arpeggios. Line upon line hearing on even when you’re playing your music and you’re timing. Later you can focus on dynamics and articulation.



Take note when you have your lesson book sometimes you’ll be working on two or three pieces at a time.

Take note where the mistakes and grab a pencil and write down at which bar where it was made. Think about why you made the mistake you did.

Was it a wrong note or a wrong rhythm?

Was it the phrasing?

Maybe it was the balance between the hands?

Whatever the reason write them down so you can come back to them. Take each section and focus on those areas you wrote down.

You will find that your peace will improve after doing this between lessons.

Sight reading

This is an extremely important skill to enable you to read music it is often neglected but your ability to read music will improve within 5 minutes the day.

With your teacher obtain good materials and when you’re finished practice improvise have fun and see what excitement happens when you have fun in your practice.

You can choose what you want at the end of your return.

Improvise or play one of the mini iPad music games available.

It’s up to you.

You will see great improvements in your technique you’re playing and ability to read music. Happy practicing! Just

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