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learn Piano in 30 days
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learn Piano in 30 days
Tips Piano Beginners

Tips Piano Beginners

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Tips Piano Beginners

Work with Piano or Keyboard

There is an array of choice for learning piano do you get a real piano or a keyboard. The difference is diverse as their prices. But starting off I would say it is going to be a piano first for the reason that if you are going to eventually develop the technique necessary to be proficient in piano it is going to be necessary.

Acoustic or electronic? If acoustic, grand or upright?

Weighted-action keys (Weighted-action means that the keys, when played, have resistance like an acoustic piano.) versus non weighted keyboard are all the many questions we all face but for sure techniques in pianoforte is essential with an acoustic piano. Electronic keyboards are affordable and are a great place to start too having a variety of sounds and rhythms. But take consideration you’re playing level style of music, styles you want to play and whether you’re a hobbyist or aspiring professional will help you make a choice. I know when I decided to go to learn to jazz at university the choice was clear to get an acoustic piano.

Learn Piano Playing

I never had trouble to learn piano playing because I loved it and I was happy to spend hours and now even years to improve even when at times I was alone doing it. At times, it was boring learning notes, theory and even exams but I soon learned you needn’t have to do it alone. I know like anything you learn many people can be put off by the mere idea of spending many hours spending time learning music notes. But with an open mind like we have done many times before if we can put aside our negative thoughts we really will amaze ourselves what we can achieve.

Piano Playing Levels

Its like a zig zag of motivation learning music and like piano you do need to understand that there is going be many piano playing levels from being enthusiastic to loosing interest. But if you are young at heart music provides for the first time the fascination of making a sound from your own hands and throughout your musical career. The positive interaction you will have with your music teacher and fellow students will set the foundation for moments of frustration in learning as you advance feeling satisfied having accomplished different and differcult repertoire lessons. Eventually without prompting you will take responsibility to practice and both you and your teacher can enjoy both the artistry and interpretation of the music you are learning. My parents essentially gave me the support through times when I thought my classical lessons weren’t relevant to the music I was listening too. But the many times I showed up to the weekly lessons help me overcome the growing pain hurdles and not quitting and developing self motivation,A lot of opportunities in my life came my way because my parents cared enough for my progress knowing there would be difficulties ahead,you needn’t do this alone.

Learn Piano Play

In our golden years we won’t be able jump like we use but we’ll be able to still sing and play our instrument and therefore music is a gift we can give to a child that will last a lifetime. Learn Piano Play affirms that music lights up the brain.


  • When you hear
    melodies with a variety of pitch and timbre. It also “lights up” when
    people play music by ear on the Right Side
  • When you learn to read music, understand key signature and
    notation, and follow the sequence of notes.left Side of the brain analytical and mathematical thinking.
  • So you can simultaneously stimulate the right and
    left hemispheres of the brain by playing an instrument or by singing


Learn Piano Play stimulates the senses has calming effect promotes self-expression, improve social skills encourages creativity,self-confidence and curiosity. Music is non-judgemental and addresses all these but importantly you can start learning piano knowing that a lifelong journey begins of enjoyment from taking this important step.


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